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Because we are a social enterprise, the Changesmiths offer customers a positive alternative: social return on design. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to know more!




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The Changesmiths are a collective of creative professionals who aspire to, and take action toward, a better world.

We are experts in our chosen disciplines and are here to help your organisation achieve success in a sustainable fashion, whilst providing social return.

Mel Stanger: Founder, Director, Creative.

A graduate of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, Mel has rich experience in graphic design and is a passionate and active climate change campaigner.

For over 20 years, Mel has been crafting creative solutions for clients and has proven skills in the areas of publication and magazine design, arts and entertainment promotion, in-store point of sale, website design, consumer driven promotions, merchandise creation, interior design, photography, packaging, signage and writing. 

She's worked with customers who are enormous, tiny and everywhere in between. When asked what rocks her boat the most, Mel says "Working with individuals and groups that are fired up about creating a better world. Interpreting a brief and outputting that as a creative concept that connects, resonates and affects change = Yum!"

Mel is one of the founding members of community climate action group BREAZE. She's volunteered on the committee and as the convenor of their community engagement group, which raises awareness and engages the community on climate change issues and sustainability. She has volunteered her design skills to numerous campaigns and organisations, including Engineers without borders and the 100% Renewable Energy Camapaign. 

Returning to study in 2011, Mel participated in a 9 month program at SSE, where she connected with and learned alongside 19 inspiring changemakers. A supportive and challenging environment which encouraged huge personal growth and empowerment, Mel emerged from  the other side with clarity, direction and a plan for change.

When not being creative for causes, Mel's probably outside with her partner and their two hounds... building an edible garden in their suburban backyard, or inside cooking gluten-free goodness form local produce.

Captivated by the natural world, Mel's a keen photographer and participated in the 2011 Ballarat International Foto Biennale with 'View and Review', a 4 week exhibition themed around environmental photography and engaging stories of sustainability.

Mel Woolcock